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Hubris helped tarnish a reputation Gene Stipe spent a lifetime perfecting

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board Published: July 24, 2012

During half a century at the Legislature, Gene Stipe reliably took care of his constituents in southeastern Oklahoma. Thus the tributes rolled in following Stipe's death Saturday at age 85.

Gov. Mary Fallin called Stipe “a legend in Oklahoma politics,” but legends are apocryphal. There was nothing make-believe about Stipe. During his 53 years in office — no Oklahoman ever served longer — Stipe, D-McAlester, created jobs and did other favors in his district that polished his “champion of the little man” image back home.

That largesse, sometimes funded with taxpayer money, ensured his popularity in Little Dixie and made him unbeatable at the ballot box. In the end, though, hubris helped to sully the reputation he had spent his life perfecting.

Stipe was the poster boy of Oklahoma's push for term limits, which voters approved in 1990. By then Stipe had been at the Capitol about 40 years, along the way defeating three attempts by federal prosecutors to convict him for alleged misdeeds. But it wasn't term limits that ushered Stipe out of the state Senate in 2003.

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