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‘Human Target' star takes aim at new season

"Human Target" star Mark Valley talks about the show's upcoming second season.
BY MELISSA HAYER Published: November 16, 2010

Fox's adventure series “Human Target” will begin its second season at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Mark Valley plays security expert and bodyguard Christopher Chance in the show, which is based on the DC Comics comic book and graphic novel.

Valley, 45, a native of Ogdensburg, N.Y., is a Persian Gulf war veteran and has appeared in television and film, with roles on shows such as “Fringe,” “Boston Legal” and “Keen Eddie.”

The second-season premiere of “Human Target” opens with a conclusion to the first season's cliffhanger finale with Chance and his associate Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) coming to the rescue of his kidnapped business partner Winston (Chi McBride).

A couple of changes this season for the series include new executive producer/writer/showrunner Matt Miller and the addition of two female cast members, Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery.

Valley discussed these changes and his role during a media conference call.

Q: What would you like to achieve with the character of Christopher Chance this season?

A: I just wanted to go a little farther in finding out who he was in terms of ... on one hand, we have a guy who was an assassin who carried out this job and was a spy and a soldier in some ways. It takes a real ability to shut off yourself emotionally in order to accomplish those types of tasks.

But also we have, on the other hand, a guy who's kind of, he likes to have fun, he likes people to some extent, and he's got a bit of charm about him, and there's an element of compassion and empathy to him, as well. So, I was interested in wearing out that path between those two a little more.

Also, just doing some more stunts and some martial arts. We've got some great martial arts trainers that are working as stunt coordinators, and my stuntman, Jeff Robinson. I was just looking forward to learning some more from these guys, maybe becoming a stuntman as, like, a fallback job if this whole acting thing doesn't pan out (said jokingly).

Q: Would you talk about the new female characters and the second-season premiere episode?

A: Yes, the premiere you really get to know everybody. I mean Matt Miller pulls everything together just brilliantly. It's almost as if he had this whole entire story in his head before he showed up.

At first, we meet Indira Varma's character, Ilsa, who shows up as a wealthy financier and widow who has someone chasing after her and just wants to hire the best to protect herself.

So, instantly we see her trying to put our team back together again because she needs us. That generally is how the team comes back together is we all need each other in some strange ways, and it pulls us together.

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