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Hundreds cast early ballots Friday in Oklahoma City

The lines formed four hours before opening time for voting at the Oklahoma County Election Board.
BY PHILLIP O'CONNOR Modified: November 2, 2012 at 8:44 pm •  Published: November 2, 2012

Davis voted for President Barack Obama.

“He seems like a more real guy to me,” Davis said of the president.

“I didn't like the Cayman accounts of Romnesia,” he said in reference to Romney's offshore bank accounts. “He seems too plastic to me.”

Saundra Herriage, 70, of Oklahoma City, and her husband, J.C., 75, both voted for Romney. Saundra Herriage runs her own small prosthetics company for women who undergo mastectomies. Her husband works part-time for another small business.

“I think he understands business,” Saundra Herriage said, noting Romney's role in rescuing the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah. “He knows the economy and how all that runs.”

“Mr. Obama has not done anything for the small business owner, and that's who hires people in this country,” J.C. Herriage said.

Geno Taylor, 58, of Midwest City, said he preferred the status quo.

“I figured that Obama wants to continue doing what he's doing,” Taylor said. “You need to let him continue. You gotta give him a shot at it.

“I'm not saying (Romney and Ryan) wouldn't do a good job, but they'd just have to start over again.”

Michelle Henry, 46, of Harrah, preferred anything but the status quo and voted for Romney.

“I don't want a traitor in the White House anymore,” Henry said. “I don't trust him. He's taking us down a road to ruin.”

Josh Hodges, 30, of Edmond, also cast his vote for Romney.

“It comes down to pro-government or pro-people and private sector, and I'm pro-people and private sector,” Hodges said. “Plus, I'm a gun guy.”

Rosetta Woodberry, 68, of Oklahoma City, said she trusted Obama's heart.

“He has proven to be consistent, and he's proven he has an interest for the nation as a whole,” she said. “I look at his track record. … He turned down large salaries to minister to the people. That's what inspired me.”

Lorinda Dugar and her three cousins mugged for photographs outside the election board offices after voting. All four said they'd voted for Obama.

“I like his values and what he believes in,” said Dugar, 59, of Oklahoma City, who pointed out Obama's quick response in the wake of Hurricane Sandy as opposed to former President George W. Bush's reactions in the days after Hurricane Katrina.

Her cousin, Faye Greenhoward, 59, of the Forest Park neighborhood in Oklahoma City and a retired General Motors worker, cited the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and Obama's support of the auto industry in helping decide her vote.

John Roy, 31, a political consultant from Edmond, said he voted for Romney “to get off the ship we've been sinking under.”

Roy said he was leaving after Friday's vote for Iowa, where he is volunteering in Romney's campaign.

Pat Warton emerged from the election board office with a smile on her face and raving about the weather. Warton, 76, is scheduled for heart surgery Tuesday. But she said she'd never missed a presidential vote and wasn't about to this time. She voted for Obama.

“It's worth waiting in line,” she said. “We're very blessed in this country.”