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Hunter Kysela bags a big buck in Blaine County

BY JOE KYSELA, For The Oklahoman Modified: November 3, 2012 at 11:48 pm •  Published: November 3, 2012

I was watching through my binoculars when he shot. I saw the buck hunch up and knew he had a good hit. The buck ran behind a thicket. I was watching to see if he came out the other side, but he did not.

Hunter said he saw dirt kick up in the air on the far side of the thicket so we knew he had gone down. I told him to stay ready just in case the buck managed to get up.

We waited a very long 10 minutes and then got down to go check. Hunter wanted to run to the deer and I had to stop him and calm him down.

I told him to never run up on one until you know for sure it is dead, otherwise it could jump up and run off. So we quietly sneaked around the thicket until we saw the biggest bodied whitetail I have ever seen in person in Oklahoma.

Then I saw the rack. I said ‘Hunter, that buck is huge.' We picked up his head and I started counting points. We couldn't believe it. The buck had 14 points and would have had 15, but the left brow tine was broken off.

The buck's body was huge. His nose was as big as a calf's. The buck weighed every bit of 200 pounds. When I field dressed it, I found Hunters mushroomed bullet inside the buck.

Then I saw what I thought was another fragment. I pulled it out and saw it was another mushroomed bullet, but of a totally different caliber. This one looked like a .223. This old warhorse had taken a bullet before and lived.