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Husband's sensitivity is becoming a problem

John Gray answers readers' questions about their relationships.
By John Gray Published: August 16, 2012

How does one predict the future of a relationship, other than intuition, reasoning and a prenuptial agreement?

— Risky Business, in Boston, Mass.

DEAR RISKY: I suggest that you take at least another six months in getting to know her better. Marriage, for anyone, should only occur if both you and your partner are ready to make an honest, open commitment to it.

Your questions arise from doubts you are having as to her veracity. Your doubts may also come from your own past experiences. In either regard, take the time you need to ensure that this union is what you truly want. Start by making a journey over there and spending more time with her. Keep your eyes and heart open. Your goal is to make a smart choice, not a quick one.

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