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  • Jeb Bush says illegal immigration often 'an act of love'

    Published: Mon, Apr 7, 2014

    Jeb Bush, a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2016, said on Sunday that illegal immigrants who come to the United States to provide for their families are not committing a felony but an "act of love," according to Reuters. In comments at odds with the views of many in his party,...

  • George F. Will: Why immigration reform matters

    | Updated: Mon, Feb 17, 2014

    WASHINGTON — Distilled to their discouraging essence, Republicans’ reasons for retreating from immigration reform reflect waning confidence in American culture and in the political mission only Republicans can perform — restoring America’s economic vigor. Without this, the nation will...

  • Southern Baptist leader discusses role of churches amid cultural changes

    BY CARLA HINTON | Updated: Fri, Feb 7, 2014

    On a visit to Oklahoma City, Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, discusses the latest challenges to churches, the commission's coming summit on human sexuality and why partnering with allies from different Christian faith...

  • Sotomayor: Labeling Illegal Immigrants Criminals Is Insulting

    Published: Tue, Feb 4, 2014

    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who grew up poor in New York City, described Monday how she navigated new worlds of Ivy League universities and the nation’s highest court. Sotomayor told students at Yale University that she has a competitive drive to improve herself and isn’t afraid to...

  • Paul Ryan: Immigration legislation unlikely in '14

    Published: Mon, Feb 3, 2014

    Days after House Republicans unveiled a roadmap for an overhaul of the nation's broken immigration system, one of its backers said legislation is unlikely to pass during this election year, according to The Associated Press. The AP reports Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said distrust of President Barack...

  • Rep. Paul Ryan: GOP Looking at Legal Status, Chance for Citizenship

    Published: Thu, Jan 30, 2014

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), a leading GOP advocate for tackling immigration, confirmed Wednesday that Republicans are looking to give illegal immigrants legal status right away, with the chance for a green card—and citizenship—down the line. Officials familiar with the planning had said as...

  • Justin Bieber deportation petition to face White House review after getting 100,000 signatures

    Published: Thu, Jan 30, 2014

    MIAMI, FL -- Pop star Justin Bieber's recent run-in with the law hasn't won him many 'Beliebers.' In fact, there are thousands of people who apparently want him deported to his native Canada, and now the White House is obligated to weigh in, KTRK repor

  • Driver indicted after illegal immigrant died in Oklahoma wreck

    BY NOLAN CLAY | Updated: Sun, Dec 15, 2013

    Houston man said he fell asleep driving on Interstate 35 on Oct. 21 and one passenger in the vehicle died.

  • Investigation reveals illegal immigrant working as Arizona DPS officer

    Published: Thu, Dec 12, 2013

    The News 4 Tucson Investigators have uncovered exclusive information about an illegal immigrant on the job, with a badge and gun, working as a law enforcement officer in southern Arizona. The investigation in this case began when a man applied for a visa to stay here in the United States. Federal...

  • Fines add up for technical errors on I-9 forms

    | Updated: Wed, Dec 4, 2013

    McAfee's Charlie Plumb notes that, while the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is perhaps best known for levying hefty civil and criminal fines on businesses that employ undocumented workers, the agency also has the authority to impose fines on employers for substantive and uncorrected...

  • Official: 92 bodies of migrants found in Niger

    By RUKMINI CALLIMACHI, AP | Published: Thu, Oct 31, 2013

    DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Authorities in the nation of Niger have recovered 92 bodies of migrants who died of thirst after the trucks they were travelling in broke down in a desolate no-man's-land at the feet of the Sahara desert, officials said Thursday. The dozens of people were being smuggled...

  • Oklahomans press for immigration reform in Washington

    BY CHRIS CASTEEL | Updated: Tue, Oct 29, 2013

    Part of a national effort sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other outside groups, Oklahoma business leaders and evangelicals go to Capitol Hill to tell Republicans to act quickly.

  • Some Oklahoma business owners to press for immigration reform

    BY CHRIS CASTEEL | Updated: Thu, Oct 24, 2013

    Groups favoring immigration reform are sponsoring an event in Washington next week to bring advocates from all over the country. President Barack Obama called on House Republicans to make reform a reality.

  • Oklahoma college and university chiefs call for immigration reform

    BY SILAS ALLEN | Updated: Thu, Sep 19, 2013

    The presidents of 13 Oklahoma colleges and universities sent a letter Thursday to the state's representatives in the U.S. House to “work together to develop a comprehensive, bipartisan solution” for immigration.

  • Oklahoma crime briefs for Sept. 14

    | Updated: Fri, Sep 13, 2013

    Oklahoma crime briefs for Sept. 14


Important Information

immigration laws in the U.S. rollover map A comparison of some of theStates' immigration laws
Full text of Oklahoma House Bill 1804 Full text of House Bill 1804

Oklahoma Immigration Timeline

1990 to 2000:

  • Oklahoma's illegal immigrant population grows nearly 200 percent, a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service study shows.

  • 2002:

  • Momentum begins in Oklahoma to designate English as the official language in the state. The English-only bill is defeated in March 2003.

  • 2005:

  • Former state Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Del City, proposes legislation requiring state employees to report illegal immigration. The measure would have required state and local employees to report suspected violations of immigration law to federal authorities. The bill fails to get a vote in the full House.

  • 2006:

  • Rep. Randy Terrill's HB 3119, a bill that would have required proof of citizenship when getting identification cards at school, registering to vote or seeking public assistance, is killed in a Senate committee.

  • 2007:


  • HB 1804 filed
  • March 7:

  • Passed the House, 88-9
  • April 16:

  • Passed the Senate, 41-6
  • May 1:

  • House concurred with Senate amendments, passed the bill 85-13 and sent it to the governor.
  • May 8:

  • Signed by the governor
  • Nov. 1:

  • Law took effect

  • 2008:

  • Rep. Randy Terrill files "Son of 1804," the Oklahoma Real Immigration Enforcement and Reform Act of 2008. Known as the English-only bill, it also would have set up a fund for law enforcement to be trained and certified to perform federal immigration law enforcement.
  • February:

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The State Chamber, the Oklahoma City and Tulsa chambers of commerce, and the Oklahoma restaurant and hotel and lodging associations file a lawsuit against HB 1804 challenging its constitutionality.
  • Attorney General Drew Edmondson asks a U.S. District Court to dismiss the lawsuit.
  • March:

  • Terrill's English-only bill does not advance.
  • April:
  • Tulsa District Judge Jefferson Sellers decides a lawsuit against HB 1804 will go forward.
  • June:

  • U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron grants a preliminary injunction against some employer-related provisions of the law.
  • The 10th U.S. Court of Appeals opens an appeals case for the Oklahoma attorney general to challenge Cauthron's decision.

  • 2009:

    Feb. 11:

  • Tulsa District Judge Jefferson Sellers upholds the constitutionality of the law except for a provision regarding resident tuition for higher education to those who have successfully completed the General Education Development test.

  • 2010:

    Feb. 24:

  • Terrill's HB 3384, a bill requiring school districts to report to the state the number of students who are illegal immigrants and how much it's costing to educate them, passes a House committee and goes to a full House vote.
  • March 10:

  • HB 3384 passes the House, 71-26 goes to the Senate. It doesn't make it out of a Senate committee.
  • April 19:

  • The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to reconsider its decision barring Oklahoma from enforcing parts of a law intended to crack down on the hiring of illegal immigrants.
  • April 23:

  • Arizona's immigration law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer