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  • 12,509 illegal kids already over border in second wave, just 1 in 6 returned

    Published: Mon, Mar 23, 2015

    The next explosion of illegal teen border crossing is in full swing, but just one-in-six are being sent home, the Washington Examiner reports, with most of the rest settled in the United States, according to new government figures. The U.S. Border Patrol agency reported that they have seized...

  • Federal judge blocks President Barack Obama's immigration orders

    By Chris Casteel -- Washington Bureau | Updated: Thu, Feb 19, 2015

    WASHINGTON — While vowing to appeal, the Obama administration moved quickly Tuesday to comply with a federal judge's ruling against granting new status to millions of illegal immigrants. The Homeland Security Department postponed its expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals...

  • Obama spokesman blasts immigration ruling

    Published: Tue, Feb 17, 2015

    The Obama administration is ripping the ruling of a Texas judge who said the president exceeded his legal authority with his immigration orders of last year, says USA Today. "The Supreme Court and Congress have made clear that the federal government can set priorities in enforcing our...

  • Doctor from Pakistan stuck behind red tape on his way to working at the Oklahoma City VA

    By Jennifer Palmer, Staff Writer | Updated: Mon, Jan 12, 2015

    Dr. Khaleeq Siddiqui was just weeks from completing his residency training and accepting a position at the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center when his visa was mysteriously canceled.

  • What is a J-1 visa?

    Updated: Sun, Jan 11, 2015

    What is a J-1 visa?

  • Police: Cartel claims they have kidnapped Border Patrol agent

    Published: Fri, Dec 26, 2014

    A person claiming to be a member of a cartel said they have kidnapped a border agent and threatened the agent's life, according to police. Border Patrol is making contact with all personnel in the Rio Grande Valley sector at this time. They have now confirmed that all agents working the...

  • No way home: Illegal immigrants probably unable to travel under Obama’s plan

    Published: Thu, Dec 11, 2014

    At rallies outside the White House promoting relief for illegal immigrants this year, banners and chants demanded, “No more divided families.” Undocumented protesters declared that if President Obama granted them protection, their first priority would be to go home to visit parents or children...

  • Smuggler of illegal immigrants sentenced to 57 months in prison after Oklahoma wreck killed passenger

    By Nolan Clay, Staff Writer | Updated: Sun, Nov 23, 2014

    Jonathan Rene Martinez, 27, of Houston, fell asleep in northern Oklahoma in October 2013 driving illegal immigrants who had paid for a ride to California. Man who hired him snuck out of hospital with help despite severe injuries.

  • Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders

    BY JULIE PACE, ASSOCIATED PRESS | Updated: Thu, Nov 20, 2014

    The president's executive actions will affect mostly parents and young people and mark the most sweeping changes to the nation's fractured immigration laws in nearly three decades

  • Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn warns of violence after immigration order

    Published: Thu, Nov 20, 2014

    WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn warns there could be not only a political firestorm but acts of civil disobedience and even violence in reaction to President Obama's executive order on immigration Thursday, USA Today reports. "The country's going to go nuts, because they're going to see...

  • GOP seeks creative ways to avert a shutdown

    Published: Tue, Nov 18, 2014

    Republican leaders have intensified their planning to prevent a government funding showdown, weighing legislative options that would redirect GOP anger at Barack Obama’s expected action on immigration and stave off a political disaster, according to sources involved with the sessions. Obama...

  • Working for ICE 'is Hell right now,' as Obama plans amnesty for illegals

    Published: Fri, Nov 14, 2014

    Morale among officers at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, already low, has reached a new bottom as illegal immigrants expecting amnesty from President Obama taunt and ridicule the overworked officers, according to a new report the Washington Examiner says. “Yes,” said one, “working for...

  • Source: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week

    Published: Thu, Nov 13, 2014

    President Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for overhauling U.S. immigration policy via executive action -- including suspending deportations for millions -- as early as next Friday, a source close to the White House told Fox News. The president's plans were contained in a draft...

  • Report: 42 percent of new Medicaid signups are immigrants, their children

    Published: Thu, Nov 13, 2014

    Immigrants and their U.S.-born children make up more than 40 percent of new Medicaid recipients at a cost of $4.6 billion, according to an analysis of government data the Washington Examiner reports. The Center for Immigration Studies, a low-immigration advocacy group, released a report...

  • Oklahoma, Texas officials deal with 'notario' scammers capitalizing on a literal translation to defraud immigrants

    By Jennifer Palmer, Staff Writer | Updated: Sun, Nov 9, 2014

    Some notary publics take advantage of language barrier to defraud Spanish-speaking immigrants, officials say.


Important Information

immigration laws in the U.S. rollover map A comparison of some of theStates' immigration laws
Full text of Oklahoma House Bill 1804 Full text of House Bill 1804

Oklahoma Immigration Timeline

1990 to 2000:

  • Oklahoma's illegal immigrant population grows nearly 200 percent, a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service study shows.

  • 2002:

  • Momentum begins in Oklahoma to designate English as the official language in the state. The English-only bill is defeated in March 2003.

  • 2005:

  • Former state Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Del City, proposes legislation requiring state employees to report illegal immigration. The measure would have required state and local employees to report suspected violations of immigration law to federal authorities. The bill fails to get a vote in the full House.

  • 2006:

  • Rep. Randy Terrill's HB 3119, a bill that would have required proof of citizenship when getting identification cards at school, registering to vote or seeking public assistance, is killed in a Senate committee.

  • 2007:


  • HB 1804 filed
  • March 7:

  • Passed the House, 88-9
  • April 16:

  • Passed the Senate, 41-6
  • May 1:

  • House concurred with Senate amendments, passed the bill 85-13 and sent it to the governor.
  • May 8:

  • Signed by the governor
  • Nov. 1:

  • Law took effect

  • 2008:

  • Rep. Randy Terrill files "Son of 1804," the Oklahoma Real Immigration Enforcement and Reform Act of 2008. Known as the English-only bill, it also would have set up a fund for law enforcement to be trained and certified to perform federal immigration law enforcement.
  • February:

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The State Chamber, the Oklahoma City and Tulsa chambers of commerce, and the Oklahoma restaurant and hotel and lodging associations file a lawsuit against HB 1804 challenging its constitutionality.
  • Attorney General Drew Edmondson asks a U.S. District Court to dismiss the lawsuit.
  • March:

  • Terrill's English-only bill does not advance.
  • April:
  • Tulsa District Judge Jefferson Sellers decides a lawsuit against HB 1804 will go forward.
  • June:

  • U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron grants a preliminary injunction against some employer-related provisions of the law.
  • The 10th U.S. Court of Appeals opens an appeals case for the Oklahoma attorney general to challenge Cauthron's decision.

  • 2009:

    Feb. 11:

  • Tulsa District Judge Jefferson Sellers upholds the constitutionality of the law except for a provision regarding resident tuition for higher education to those who have successfully completed the General Education Development test.

  • 2010:

    Feb. 24:

  • Terrill's HB 3384, a bill requiring school districts to report to the state the number of students who are illegal immigrants and how much it's costing to educate them, passes a House committee and goes to a full House vote.
  • March 10:

  • HB 3384 passes the House, 71-26 goes to the Senate. It doesn't make it out of a Senate committee.
  • April 19:

  • The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to reconsider its decision barring Oklahoma from enforcing parts of a law intended to crack down on the hiring of illegal immigrants.
  • April 23:

  • Arizona's immigration law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer