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Immigration Officials Investigating Emma Watson Published: June 30, 2014

In news that’s less "Harry Potter" and more "Bling Ring," British immigration officials are investigating Emma Watson over claims that her American housekeeper might have worked for the actress illegally in the U.K., according to TIME.

The "Harry Potter" actress allegedly had her U.S. housekeeper accompany her to London on a tourist visa even though the employee continued to work for Watson while in the U.K, the Independent reports. While on tourist visas, visitors to the U.K. are forbidden from working. A spokesperson for Watson didn’t comment to the Independent.

The housekeeper, who was thought to have been hired by Watson in New York in early 2013, was reportedly stopped by British immigration officials. Authorities were said to be investigating a complaint that the housekeeper was paid to continue working for Watson in her London home for three months, TIME reports.

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