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In an MMMBop, They're (Not) Gone: Hanson Brothers Talk Longevity Published: June 20, 2014

When Hanson's massively addictive "MMMBop" became a staple on radio in 1997, none of the three brothers in the band were old enough to drink alcohol. Flash-forward 17 years later and the trio has its own beer fittingly named MMMHops, according to Mashable.

For Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson — now ages 33, 31 and 28 — many aspects of their lives have changed. They can drink. They're all married. Combined, they have 11 children.

With these major life events, Hanson's music has evolved, with eight albums achieving top 40 status along the way. This year after releasing their ninth studio album "Anthem" in 2013, the brothers are on the tail end of their Anthem World Tour, which wraps up in August, Mashable reports.

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