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In defense of fossil fuels

BY HAROLD HAMM Published: March 27, 2011

We have proven, through decades of development and production, that we can harvest our vast domestic oil and natural gas shale reserves in an environmentally safe manner. Because of technological advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in our shale resource plays, we currently produce more oil each year than the previous year. This trend has continued for the past five years, and our natural gas reserves are now measured in centuries.

When American companies find and produce American energy, we all win. All Americans are together on wanting more and better jobs and in keeping energy prices as low as possible. We must encourage our elected officials to turn a deaf ear to those who would raise the cost of energy with policies discouraging the production of our own oil and gas and making us more dependent on sometimes-unstable foreign sources of energy.

The virtual renaissance in American onshore oil and gas exploration, if allowed to continue, will meet the energy needs of America for centuries to come.

Hamm is CEO of Continental Resources Inc. and chairman of the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance.