Inspiration: Four Rustic Tables Made from Scrap Lumber

Published on NewsOK Published: July 17, 2013

The great thing about the rustic furniture trend is that you can take something kind of rough-hewn, and it's suddenly fashionable. Have you seen the Restoration Hardware catalog recently? People will pay a lot of money for wood furniture that looks like it was salvaged from somebody's attic. People will pay even more if the furniture looks like it was taken from a barn.

I'm not making fun of people who buy distressed furniture. If I were, I would be making fun of myself. The centerpiece of my own living/dining room is a pretty rough-looking reclaimed barnwood dining table. It's a big solid table that seats 8, which I bought from Modern Rust, a small company run by two carpenters somewhere near Washington D.C. Sometimes I get annoyed that my table is a little bit warped and the base of it is uneven, and the top has these cracks that crumbs get stuck in. But you know what? It's a great table. It has character, and nobody else in the neighborhood has the same one.

The fact that my table looks like someone went out in a barn and hammered it together makes my living/dining room look cool. You can make your house (or patio, or office) look cool by building yourself a table made of scrap lumber. If you don't have scrap lumber, some of the following tables can be made with cheap boards from your local home improvement store. has disabled the comments for this article.