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Inspiring Couples: Longtime Oklahoma educators and their blended bunch rewrite script for happiness

BY DAVE CATHEY Modified: October 25, 2010 at 2:49 pm •  Published: April 11, 2010

their 21 years of marriage, the Gibsons always have made room for family.

"As long as there’s floor space,” Glenn said.

"We just make pallets when we run out of beds,” Evelyn said.

One Christmas a few years ago when the weather kept everyone, including eight grandsons and a granddaughter, in the house, they resorted to fashion shows and board games.

The Gibsons agree that communication and respect have been the keys to their successful union. Glenn said meeting each other after developing a sense of maturity has certainly been an advantage.

"If either of us have something bothering us, we don’t let it sit,” Evelyn said. "We communicate constantly.”

Communication is Evelyn’s job description as a counselor. She said those skills have served her well as a wife and parent.

"It’s easier to step back and be objective at school,” she said. "But encouraging kids to make choices and understand that some might be just fair is what I try to do. A fair decision is better than no decision or a bad one.”

She also said when she got home to the kids, she had to ask for a half-hour to "power down.”

"I’d tell them, ‘Don’t ask me anything for 30 minutes. Let me shift from being a counselor to a mom.’”

Now that the kids are all grown, Glenn and Evelyn spend most of their leisure time together. Evelyn does enjoy bargain-hunting on her own and a monthly girls’ night out playing Biz Whiz, but otherwise they’re inseparable.

Evelyn said retirement is not too far in the future, and when it comes, she and Glenn plan to do some traveling.

"We’ve got grandkids in Maryland, Texas and California to visit,” she said. "So that should pretty well take care of us across the country.”

As long as there’s floor space.

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