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Instantly festive go-to decor to keep handy

After Marni Jameson agreed to appear on TV, showing how to make holiday decorations from things around the house, she had to throw some ideas together on just how to do that. Here are some of her best ideas.
BY MARNI JAMESON Published: July 16, 2012

“Sure!” I said too soon. FoxTV had called late in the day to ask if I'd come to the studio the next morning to demonstrate ways to decorate for July 4 using stuff viewers had around the house.

I hung up. Then reality hit like a string of firecrackers. What had I done? I hadn't even decorated my own place for the holiday, and now I'm supposed to be the expert with a demo!

At home that evening I start rummaging. “Why get worked up, Mom?” my teenage daughter asks. “You always just fling a bunch of stuff you have lying around together. It's what you do.”

“Well, maybe I do,” I said, “but not on live television.”

She was right. Pulling together looks on the fly and on the cheap is what I do, but I'm not saying that's any way to go through life.

Next day I called my design friend Lisa Quinn, host of Live Well Network's TV show “Home With Lisa Quinn” to ask what she kept on hand to pull off a quick festive look.

Like me, Quinn is a semi-crazed working mom with high standards and less-than-no time.

After comparing notes, I soon realized we had almost the same emergency occasion decor stash. Here are our must-haves to make holiday magic minus the migraines. Pick your theme colors, then add the following:

Tea light candles. Buy plain white in bulk. Read on to see why.

Hurricane lamps. Fill these clear, glass containers with water dyed with food coloring in your theme shades. Float tea lights. This decor works great outdoors, because lamps don't blow over and candles don't blow out.

Clear 4-to-6-inch votives, plain martini glasses, and colored pebbles. Buy solid-colored pebbles by the sack. Put colored stones in tumbler-size votives. Place a tea light in the middle.

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