Intervention granted in Oklahoma abortion lawsuit

A national group called American Victims of Abortion on Friday was granted the right to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a new Oklahoma abortion law.
BY RANDY ELLIS Published: January 22, 2011

“I saw two heads,” Brown said.

Brown said she demanded a closer look and confirmed she was pregnant with twins. The discovery prompted her to back away from the abortion.

“I have healthy 20-year-old twin boys now,” she said, adding she believes all women considering abortions should view ultrasounds before making their final decisions.

Sjodin said she had an abortion in 1979, but now regrets it.

“I've had nightmares,” she said. “I've experienced quite a bit of mental and some physical distress.”

Sjodin said she believes she would have changed her mind if she had been shown an ultrasound image.

Seeking to overturn the ultrasound law are abortion providers Dr. Larry Burns of Norman and the Reproductive Services clinic in Tulsa.

Suzanne Stolz, their attorney, said her clients think the new law would infringe on the doctor-patient relationship.

She argued against allowing American Victims of Abortion and the other entities to participate in the lawsuit, contending they had “nothing more than a general interest in the outcome of the case” and that their participation would delay the trial.

Attorney Samuel Casey, who represented all the entities that sought to intervene, assured the judge he was committed to speeding the trial up, rather than slowing it down, because the law can't go into effect until the lawsuit is over — and only then if supporters of the new law win.

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