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Involvement in Syrian conflict bad idea

Published: June 30, 2013

Regarding “Default switch on isolation” (ScissorTales, June 22): I agree with state Rep. Paul Wesselhoft that involving the U.S. military in the Syrian conflict is a bad idea. What did we get for invading Afghanistan and Iraq? Billions of dollars in debt, many thousands injured and thousands of soldiers killed. Are we safer now?

The “Not Our War” rally will feature speakers from liberal and conservative viewpoints who agree that we shouldn't get involved in another war in the Middle East. We've been involved in war there since 2001. Isn't 12 years long enough? I'll be at the rally July 12 on the south steps of the Capitol. I encourage others who don't want another war — whatever your political persuasion — to join me.

John T. Walters, Oklahoma City

Walters is legislative coordinator for Amnesty USA Oklahoma.