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Iowa voter comments on Election Day

Associated Press Modified: November 6, 2012 at 4:15 pm •  Published: November 6, 2012

A selection of Iowa voter reactions at the polls Tuesday.

— Waylon Vogl, 33, crop insurance company employee, Des Moines

Vogl declined to say how he voted, but expressed frustration about the atmosphere surrounding the election.

"I wish people would understand it's not what party they're for, it's about what people are doing. It's about action, not about which side of the fence you stand on.

"I'm a little irritated by the mud-slinging"

— Richard Uhlmann, 58, owner of a local furniture store, Newton

Uhlmann said he voted for President Barack Obama because the economy is heading in the right direction. He said business at his store is doing much better than it was a few years ago as the housing market has improved.

"I just think he has tried to make a difference. It's slow but there is growth," he said. "We're just going to have to let this downturn ride out."

— Sylvia Fanelli, 34, West Des Moines

Fanelli said he agrees with Republicans on fiscal issues but supports same-sex marriage and voted for Obama.

"I just feel like the playing field will be equal and that our civil and social rights will not be taken away from us and that we can live free and equal," he said.

Fanelli moved to Iowa from North Carolina after a 2009 Iowa Supreme Court decision legalized gay marriage. He voted to retain Justice David Wiggins, who has been targeted for removal because he joined in that unanimous ruling.

"I think that man is an awesome judge," he said. "I think he's doing the right thing and he did the right thing voting for marriage equality in this country."

— Mary Vaughn, 62, physical therapist, West Des Moines

Vaughn said for Republican nominee Mitt Romney for president. She backed Republican Rep. Tom Latham in the 3rd Congressional District race but said it was a hard choice.

"I've listened to so many ads it was a difficult decision because they were so negative. It really made it difficult," she said. "I'd like them to tell me what they're going to do for me and not run the other guy down."

— Becky Scott, 45, West Des Moines city employee, West Des Moines

Scott said she voted for Rep. Leonard Boswell over Latham in the 3rd District race "because of his experience."

"Being in government, working for government in an administrative position, I see the benefits of having relationships and connections that have been established over his years in Congress," she said.

— Janis Huff, 27, stay-at-home mother, Newton

Huff, who is pregnant with her third child, said Obama and the Democratic Party in general looks out for her interests while Romney and the Republicans try to help the rich.

"I want my kids to be able to have good jobs and not just work at McDonald's or Hy-Vee," she said, referring to the local grocery store chain where she recently quit her job during the pregnancy.

— Mary Anne Chevalier, 60, retired computer network analyst, Newton

Chevalier, who observed the polling site for the Republican Party on Tuesday morning, said voters appeared evenly split between the parties. She thought Romney was making gains in the normally Democratic precinct because of the sluggish economy.

"All you have to do is look at all the storefronts boarded up, and houses that are in foreclosure and for sale," she said. "I mean, hello! What about this picture can't you see?"

— Logan Potter, 18, Drake University student, Des Moines

Potter said he voted for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney because he'll be more skilled at helping the economy.

"He's done not a wonderful job but a suitable job for the circumstances that he was presented with," Potter said of the president. "But I just think that Romney, with his history in economics and business, I think he can get our economy in a better stance than Obama can."

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