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Is government responsible for quality of life?

Published: June 1, 2012

Rick Martin (Your Views, May 25) asked, “Can Oklahoma remain competitive in quality-of-life matters?” It's not the government's job to maintain “quality of life.” That's the job of individuals. There was a time in this country when it was considered a hallmark of adulthood to accept that responsibility. Government is good when it does one thing and one thing only: protect your rights. Of course, this requires a proper definition of rights. Do you have the right to demand that the government take something from someone else and give it to you? By what standard does such a thing constitute a right? The only thing government can do to protect your rights is protect your freedom of action, which is the only thing you have an actual right to. This is the only means by which a government can protect your freedom to decide for yourself what constitutes your “quality of life.”

For the government to decide what constitutes “quality of life” is to take that choice away from you. Where's your “quality of life” then? A government that can take something from someone and give it to you is a government that can take something from you and give it to someone else — which seems to be exactly the way some people want it.

Rob Abiera, Oklahoma City