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Is voting for Obama in our best interest?

Published: August 29, 2012

In response to Jack Parker (Your Views, Aug. 22): I sincerely hope God influences Parker to vote for those he claims to favor by voting for President Obama. Let's look at what Obama wants or has advocated for those Parker wants to help:

Senior citizens: $715 billion stolen from Medicare to fund Obamacare with 15 appointed people to decide whether a procedure or treatment is justified if the recipient is 75 or older.

23 million unemployed workers, a jobless rate of more than 8 percent as of this writing, the highest unemployment since the Great Depression, which I lived through.

Job killer: 10,000 jobs available on the Keystone XL pipeline alone, being held hostage because Obama refused to give his “blessing.”

12 million illegal immigrants.

An administration that has advocated (by words and deeds) the repeal of amendments 1 to 10 of the Constitution.

An administration that abhors the military. By his abhorrence of the military, he also disregards the veterans, of which I am one. Don't think you're doing me any favors, Mr. Parker.

Jim Waite, Oklahoma City