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Israeli consulate official: Israel only defending itself against Hamas attacks

BY MAYA KADOSH Published: November 21, 2012

Israel didn't seek this conflict. It doesn't want to see the people of Gaza harmed by the operation. Israel is doing everything in its power to ensure precise strikes in order to minimize injury to uninvolved civilians. Israel has made thousands of phone calls to the residents of Gaza and dropped countless pamphlets warning them to stay away from terrorists and terrorist facilities for their own safety.

Unfortunately, Hamas has a long history of using its own people as human shields. It fires its rockets from amongst the population of Gaza and then aims them at the population of Israel. Under international law, this is a war crime.

To accomplish peace, the international community should make it clear to Hamas that using the population of Gaza as human shields won't be tolerated. It also must be stressed to Hamas that they must stop their attacks on Israel.

Kadosh is deputy consul general of Israel to the southwestern United States, including Oklahoma.