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It's strawberry-pickin' season

BY HAPPY FRAZIER Published: May 1, 2012
Spring is strawberry-pickin’ season throughout the U.S. and the regal colors of the aromatic, sweet tasting morsels, entice with their beauty long before savoring the scrumptious fruit.

Aside from the strawberries’ delicious flavor and beautiful appearance, they are also high in anti-oxidants and are ranked as the 27th most beneficial foods for such.

Rich in Vitamin C, and other valuable nutrients, this little ruby gem is medicinally beneficial and said to be effective in warding off cancer.

If you are too busy enjoying the sunshine, playing or watching sports or working in the yard or garden to do a lot of cooking, let someone else prepare those berries for you.

You can enjoy a fresh Strawberry Trifle at Wolf Ridge Golf Club’s Friday steak night at Poteau, because Shannon’s cooking up the juicy steaks and his mom is delighting with a delectable dessert chock full of fresh berries.

Southern Belle Restaurant in Heavener is famous for their Strawberry Pie and I’ve asked more than a time or two for the recipe to share with readers.

As of yet, the secret recipe is still under lock and key, but I suggest while the berries are still abundantly fresh, you head on down to the Southern Belle and enjoy a juicy slice.

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