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It’s time for a new adventure

By Ann DeFrange Published: October 7, 2008
Like many people over the millennia, I have paused to ponder the question: Why Am I Here?

Unlike most people, I figured it out after a while.

I came here with a few strong talents — I can write, I’m good with people in an intuitive and empathic way, I have a particular sense of the world around me. I do a few things well, but not a lot. Therefore, I’ve always been pleased and amazed that I happened to fall into the perfect career that fit my talents.

I’m pretty certain I was put here, in this place, at this time, to write it all down. It was intended that I record the day-by-day history of this time and place I’m occupying, for the folks who came along in a future time and place.

In three weeks, I will leave The Oklahoman and become a Journalist (Ret.). It sounds like an adventure; if only I didn’t have to be so old to start out on it.

Actually, I don’t think I’ll stop being a journalist. I’ve been a news junkie for most of my life and that’s a hard habit to break.