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It's time for NBA to get on the ball
The nickname process is taking too long

By John Rohde Modified: July 17, 2008 at 12:16 am •  Published: July 17, 2008
n't much of that legwork be done during all that dead time between nickname changes?

Exactly how swamped is the nickname department at the NBA?

The league has welcomed four new nicknames in the last 17 years — the Grizzlies, Raptors, Wizards and Bobcats. (That Washington franchise seems to change nicknames every 15-20 minutes. Is there a backlog? Is that why our new nickname has been on hold?)

It's one thing to be thorough and get all your ducks in a row, but that line of ducks doesn't literally have to waddle from Seattle to the NBA offices in New York City to gain approval, does it?

Yes, we are new to all this. We indeed are NBA novices, but at least we're nice novices.

Commissioner David Stern, sir, you're testing that niceness by playing stall ball with our nickname.

Yes, we only had the Hornets for two seasons, but that's only two years less than San Diego had the Rockets, three years less than New Orleans had the Jazz and four years less than Vancouver had the Grizzlies.

Those shabby looking, black-and-white practice jerseys our nicknameless team wore during last week's summer league session in Orlando went on sale Wednesday, along with other makeshift NBA/OKC merchandise.

Those shelves should be stocked with real merchandise adorned with the real nickname.

We've long heard how the NBA is always thinking years ahead.

In the NBA office, today's date might actually be July 17, 2012.

Let's say all that's true.

Let's say the NBA was thinking about this potential relocation years ago.

Let's say the NBA has a secret vault filled with nicknames and color schemes ready to be used at a moment's notice.

Tomorrow will mark the two-year anniversary that Clay Bennett and his fellow investors purchased the Seattle SuperSonics.

That's 24 months, which means the NBA actually has been sitting on our new nickname for two months, right?

So, come on. Let's see the goods. You blew your chance yesterday.