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It's time to defund the IRS

Published: June 10, 2013

I've never been a fan of the IRS, but after watching the recent congressional hearings I'm convinced the IRS has become too corrupt and too powerful to be allowed to continue. The arrogance of IRS officials demonstrates how little respect they have for Congress. Three of them, in unison, gave the middle finger to Congress by not answering the questions they were asked, by claiming no memory or by taking the Fifth. All three continue to get their cushy salaries and/or retirement pay in spite of showing such disdain.

Could a private citizen survive an IRS audit by claiming “no memory” to their questions? Would an employee in the private sector still be employed after claiming such ignorance of their jobs? Are they more powerful than the very organization that funds them?

It's time to defund the IRS, implement a fair tax or flat tax system and take away the temptation to use the IRS as a thug to penalize an administration's enemies and curry favor with its friends. For years, both parties have used the tax code to pun-ish their enemies and reward their friends by inserting favorable tax breaks. That's the reason the tax code has gone from 400 pages in 1913 to nearly 74,000 pages in 2012. The complexity of the code is also the reason average citizens must rely on the help of a CPA to file their taxes.

Phillip D. Wulz, Tuttle


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