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"It's true about the dogs"

Kyle Schwab Published: July 23, 2013
Photo by KT KING, The Oklahoman
Photo by KT KING, The Oklahoman

Letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service Troy Osborn is in his 18thyear on the job after leaving the Army.

“The post office hires a lot of veterans,” 48-year-old Osborn said after quickly delivering mail on foot in Oklahoma City.

Osborn likes the job because it is service oriented and it has provided well for his family. He also said adapting to driving with the steering wheel on the right side was easy.

On normal work days, Osborn spends two hours inside doing office work and six hours out and about delivering. He delivers a “whole bunch” of mail, especially on Mondays, but his load is lighter over the summer.

Dog Attacks

“It’s true about the dogs,” he said. “We get attacked by dogs and we have to fight them off.”

Osborn couldn’t think of an exact number but attacks come pretty regularly with the occupation. He even broke a finger fighting off a dog once.

“I haven’t been bit very much because I’m pretty good at (defending myself),” he said. Osborn’s mailbag is his number one line of defense.