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Interviewed by Jenni Carlson, Staff Writer Published: November 22, 2009

Jacob Lacey went undrafted last spring, but now, he is playing for the undefeated Indianapolis Colts, even starting three games this season. He made his first start on Sunday Night Football against Tennessee, but with injures to several other defensive backs, he has now started the last two games for the Colts.

Lacey and the Colts will face AFC foe Baltimore at noon today.

These past few months have been wild but wonderful. What’s all of this been like for you?

Draft weekend was kind of disappointing because I didn’t get drafted, but all I really wanted was to get on somewhere, to get a chance to play somewhere and show them that I could play. Coach gave me that opportunity. I just tried to make the most of what I had going because everybody don’t get this kind of opportunity. Then we had a couple injuries early in the season ... so I was able to step in on a Monday night and get some late-game action. It’s just been a wild ride from there.

I assume other teams called after the draft. Why were the Colts the team you signed with?

I had a friend that I played high school football with who was already on the team.

Is that Melvin?

Yeah, Melvin Bullitt. He took the same path as me as a free agent. So I knew they would give a free agent a good look, a good shot, a fair chance.

What’s it been like to be reunited in the NFL with an old high school teammate from Naaman Forest in Garland, Texas, after he goes to Texas A&M and you go to OSU?

Oh, man, it’s been great. We picked up right where we left off. We kept in contact through college. Every time we played, we’d spend a long time talking before and after the game, but we basically picked up where we left off.

Before your first start, didn’t both of you use your high school in your video introduction?

Once I found out I was starting, I told him I was going to get the start.