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James Harden opens up about Thunder days in interview Published: February 4, 2014

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In an interview with Henry Abbott of the TrueHoop Blog, former Thunder guard James Harden looks back on the NBA Finals appearance against the Heat, saying he wishes he could have it back.

It's a very interesting look at a player Abbott says has been cast as "part hero, part villain." Here are some of the highlights:

Abbott asks Harden if the money had been equal where Harden would have ended up.

Harden: Um. It’s a tough question. It’s a tough question.

If you had won that year, would you be in Oklahoma right now?

I have no idea. It’s a great question. I wish we could go back and play Game 2 again.

On if it could have ever lasted with the Thunder: Those were my brothers, we were focused on one thing and that was winning. If I had to take a back seat, I was comfortable with it. Just ‘cause you know the most important thing was winning.

On most players never getting to the Finals: You have to cherish it every single time that you’re there.

Nuggets of gold. It doesn't sound completely wistful, but it sounds like Harden is fully aware he made a tough life and possibly career-altering decision leaving OKC. He also talks about how both were good situations, speaking about Houston and Oklahoma City.

He's not exactly in a bad situation with the Rockets, who are fifth in the Western Conference at 32-17.

"Those were my brothers," though.

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