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Jason Kersey: Power Lunch Chat transcript, Sept. 26, 2012

The Oklahoman's Jason Kersey took questions from reader in today OU Power Lunch Chat. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on
Jason Kersey, Staff Writer, Modified: September 26, 2012 at 4:12 pm •  Published: September 26, 2012

I think Stoops will be OU's coach as long as he wants to be OU's coach.

I should rephrase my last question, how much longer will OU keep stoops around?

I still think Stoops will be around as long as he wants to be. He's one of the country's best coaches, and it would be silly to run him out of town because of the last couple years.

It OU's top two tacklers are the two safeties, what do you think will happen when the team faces a good passing team? Seems that the safeties are looking run first and likely will be burned for long receptions, or the opposing team’s run game will be tough to stop, since this front 7 has not shown it can stop the run without help.

I think that's a good question. I would imagine the defense's schemes will be tweaked here and there to adapt to different opponents, but Tom Wort did say that Mike Stoops' system is designed more to allow safeties to make plays than linebackers, which I thought was interesting. I do think OU's front 7 has to get better, though, especially if they are going to make a run at the Big 12 or — unlikely as it is — the national title

You dang Sooner fans stop talking about the NC game! Sheesh! IF you made it there some how Big Game Bob would lose it!

It definitely seems unlikely that OU would get to the title game, but it's definitely not impossible.

Does OU have a shot at the Big 12 anymore?

Most definitely, OU still has a chance to win the Big 12. If they can get some of these problems fixed up and Landry Jones takes better care of the ball, anything is possible

I am really curious why the local media has been so critical of the loss to KSU. The Sooners played well enough to win that game. I know you can't blame any one person for any loss, but Bell doesn't fumble the Sooners win ceteris paribus. This is not an elite team, but all programs have years where they don't have elite teams. Ask Florida, Texas, USC, and until recently Alabama.

Things are never as bad as they seem or as great as they seem. It's the media's job to tell its readers/viewers/listeners about the team and why games went the way they did, so things will naturally seem more negative after a loss because everyone wants to know what happened. And even though it was a close loss, the KSU game still exposed some big flaws in this OU team.

And I disagree that OU played well enough to win, because any team that turns the ball over 3 times — all of which either led to KSU touchdowns or cost OU one — just flat out didn't play well enough to win. Kansas State was the better team Saturday without question.

One more thing I'd like your opinion on: OU seems soft. I know that sounds bad but they don't appear to play physical even against lesser teams. Excluding Kansas State — they played physical on both sides — and in the end mistakes doomed them. Just seems in the past OU was more physical. Poor tackling makes them soft.

I wouldn't call the team soft, but there were definitely times when the Sooners didn't seem very physical. The last KSU touchdown, when the RB broke several tackles and scored on a tough 9-yard run really did make OU look bad, but those things happen sometimes. OU has some big problems, but I really don't think being soft is one of them.

Bob seemed a little upset at the lack of up-tempo offense and the lack of touches that Williams got. Is there a storm brewing between him and his OC's?

I think he probably would like to see a few things change, but I don't think there is any storm brewing.

Metoyer seems to be out of bounds a lot on his routes. Is he not strong enough yet to handle big time corners or is he overzealous trying to make plays?

I asked Jay Norvell about this yesterday. He said Metoyer just needs to be more aware of the boundary on those plays, and that a lot of it stems from just being excited to make a play.

What do you foresee for the Sooners the rest of the season?

Lots could change during any given week, but like I said earlier, at this point I think OU probably finishes something like 9-3. The schedule is extremely tough and I think OU is probably in for another couple losses. Texas and West Virginia seem like the teams most likely to best the Sooners, although I think just about any game with the exception of Kansas is losable in one way or another

A lot of talk about the front 7 after last week. Would having McGee back really make that big of a difference? I know he's a solid player, but he's not a game changer.

I think it would help with depth if nothing else. He's not going to come back and be a world beater, but he'll definitely be a welcomed addition if he makes it back

How about this idea to help Landry's confidence, give Sterling a #85 jersey and tell Landry it's 2010, what do you think?

Interesting though, I suppose, but even with Landry's on-field problems, I think he's a pretty bright, intelligent guy. He might not fall for that one.

So when there is a question in the press conference about Millard getting more touches, the questioners are asking about getting more touches for him out of the full back position?

Yes, sometimes, or getting him touches via the passing game. And even putting him in sometimes as the tailback to switch it up doesn't mean anyone thinks he should be the full-time tailback. People switch things like that up all the time

Do you agree with Coach Stoops that OU's offensive problems are just small mistakes in various places? I mean, the loss on Saturday was ugly, but 4 plays (pass to Green, Landry Fumble, Bell fumble, Landry pick) cost OU 24 points. OU wins that game by 3 touchdowns, it's a pretty good game.

I do think there are small problems in various places that might've made a difference Saturday, but I think we'll really know more over the next stretch. At Texas Tech, the Red River game, Kansas and then Notre Dame will tell everyone a whole lot about how good this team can really be, and how bad the problems really are.


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