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Jenni Carlson chat: Talking NBA Draft, Thunder trades and Devon Thomas

Jenni Carlson was on the Power Lunch chat today talking Thunder free agency targets, a theory on Devon Thomas' future and who Sam Presti would draft. Here's the full transcript:
by Jenni Carlson Modified: June 23, 2014 at 9:20 am •  Published: June 23, 2014

photo - Nick Collison is getting older. Hasheem Thabeet isn't a long-term option. Sam Presti (pictured) should draft a big man, says Jenni Carlson. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman
Nick Collison is getting older. Hasheem Thabeet isn't a long-term option. Sam Presti (pictured) should draft a big man, says Jenni Carlson. Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman
One that our man Darnell Mayberry loves -- and I'm pretty enamored with, too -- is C.J. Miles. Seems like a really good two-way option. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:09 a.m. Then, of course, there's a chance that the Thunder has to dig a little deeper for a two guard on the market and decides that Jeremy Lamb would be a better starter. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:09 a.m. So, no, I don't think Shumpert is a foregone conclusion. Seems possible, but until things are a little further along -- like he's on the roster -- I'm not saying it's a for sure.
gerry 11:10 a.m. If you're Presti, what position do you target in the draft?
Jenni Carlson 11:10 a.m. An outstanding question. I guess it kind of depends whether he has any trades in the works that we don't know about that might thin out a position, but barring that ...
Jenni Carlson 11:12 a.m. I'd go get another big man. Steven Adams is the obvious Perk replacement, but Nick Collison is nearer to retirement than ever and Hasheem Thabeet isn't a long-term option. So, you need to go out and continue to grow that center/power forward position. Otherwise, it could become thin quickly over the next couple years.
Josh of Ish 11:12 a.m. I imagine things in the Thunder front office are busy. Phone calls, emails, texts, questions, answers, options, and so on. On this side, it is like watching paint dry waiting for useful information. As much as I appreciate Andre Roberson's rookie year, I am jonesing for real information.
Jenni Carlson 11:12 a.m. Understood, Josh. But I go back to what I said earlier. The Thunder is way more concerned about putting a great team on the court than about filling our need for offseason info.
Guest 11:12 a.m. Would any trades of draft picks come out before Thursday?
Jenni Carlson 11:13 a.m. They could, but those sorts of things are usually announced on draft night.
Bryan 11:13 a.m. A friend of mine had an intriguing thought regarding the Devon Thomas situation at OSU, specifically a possible reason why OSU hasn't come right out and dismissed him at this point. Now, this reason depends all upon the following assumption: Thomas' scholarship is used up for this season regardless of whether he is on the team or not. Meaning, if Thomas is dismissed, OSU wouldn't be able to give his scholarship to someone else. If this is the case, a possible reason for not dismissing Thomas yet could come from a request from Thomas' lawyers that he not be dismissed yet so as to not prejudice a jury if the case goes to trial (which is very likely). What do you think about that?
Jenni Carlson 11:15 a.m. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think his standing on the OSU football team would have any bearing on a jury trial. A jury is asked to answer a question of law. Did he or did he not break whatever law is involved in the trial? ...
Jenni Carlson 11:15 a.m. The evidence that is presented will determine that, not whether he's on or off the football team at OSU. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:16 a.m. As for his scholarship, if he's dismissed, I assume that could be given to someone else. It would likely be a walk-on or someone like that. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:17 a.m. Frankly, OSU has way more to lose in PR points with this deal than it has to gain. If you haven't already, check out what our man Berry Tramel wrote today about OSU. It is spot on.
Billy in 4C 11:17 a.m. Seems like a lot of talk surrounding Shumpert to OKC has resurfaced again, what are the chances OKC trades for Shumpert? And would it be pick 21 or 29 they use to trade for him?
Jenni Carlson 11:18 a.m. I'm not sure the talk ever died down. Shumpert is one of many options that I suspect the Thunder is considering as it fills its need at the shooting guard. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:19 a.m. Those draft picks could be used in a package for Shumpert, sure. The Knicks have no draft picks. None. And as deep as this draft is, I'm sure they'd like to get at least one. So, we'll have to see if that's enough of an incentive to do a deal with OKC that includes Shumpert.
Josh of Ish 11:19 a.m. My biggest concern is that the Thunder will cheapskate their way to another WCF or 2 before Durant leaves. Mayberry talks about Durant not even being in his prime yet, but his prime comes in his NEXT contract. I would think they would push harder for that Championship now.
Jenni Carlson 11:20 a.m. In what ways do you think they're being cheap? They're going to go over the cap this coming season, and being a small-market team without a gigantic local TV contract, that is a big deal. It doesn't exactly signal to me that they're being cheap. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:21 a.m. Now, if you listen to the national media, many of them will say that the Thunder is cheap because it didn't give James Harden the farm. News flash -- it couldn't give him a max deal. Period. So, if that's your basis for thinking the Thunder is cheap, you might want to think again. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:22 a.m. I have no reason to think that the Thunder isn't pushing hard every day to win a title. They did that the past three seasons. It just didn't happen. But it wasn't because they are cheap.
Josh of Ish 11:22 a.m. So your saying that Sam Presti has an important job to do and that he doesn't owe me updates on an hourly basis? For shame. He should consider it though. lol
Jenni Carlson 11:22 a.m. I'm sure he's spending lots of time considering it, Josh. I'm just sure of it.
Redneck Joe 11:22 a.m. What can you tell us about a 7 ft. verbal commitment, OU received with the men's basketball team?
Jenni Carlson 11:23 a.m. Honestly, no. I've read probably the same things that you've read, but I have to admit, I don't get too fired up about guys who've only just committed. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:24 a.m. I will say this, though -- a true inside presence seems to me like the one big hole left for Kruger and Co. to fill. They are getting good talent. Lots of it. But if they could've just had a bit more inside this past season, it would've been a game changer. Get a big guy or two, and look out.
Josh of Ish 11:24 a.m. I like Miles on offense better than Shumpert(who is a sick athlete), but he has been a bench player for the majority of his career. I guess the benefit might be a guy who doesn't demand 35mins
Jenni Carlson 11:25 a.m. The thing to remember is that those guys are likely starters if they land in OKC. Playing with that starting group, do you want one of them taking a bunch of shots from KD, Russ or Serge? Sure, an open jumper every now and then is cool, but you don't want a volume shooter in that spot. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:25 a.m. Unless of course you don't like it when KD scores.
Guest 11:25 a.m. What about the forign guy Tibor Pleise that the thunder have the rights too. Any idea if he will ever come play in the NBA. If he could be a back up inside guy you could draft a 2 guard or point guard
Jenni Carlson 11:27 a.m. Pleiss had a good season in the Spanish pro league. Real good. But he's not likely to fit on the roster this next season. But if Perk and/or Collison is gone after 2014-15, then he seems like an option. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:28 a.m. And if the Thunder feels like he'd be ready to go by then, that might mean not going after a big man like I previously mentioned. Though it never hurts to have talented big men.
Guest 11:28 a.m. What happen to the Thunder in the western conference finals with the Spurs after the Thunder won 4 straight against them in the regular season and had a very harm time in with Durant getting out of the big picture in the last minutes of the game and Westbrook just kept on shooting?
Jenni Carlson 11:28 a.m. Two things. 1. Playing those first two games without Serge put the Thunder in a big-time hole. Even after he came back, they were still going to need to win four of five, a very tall task. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:29 a.m. 2. The Spurs were playing UNBELIEVABLE basketball in the playoffs. Yes, they played well in the regular season when the Thunder beat them, but in the playoffs, they were getting contributions from so many guys. Look at all the role players that contributed around the Big Three. That was different than the regular season. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:30 a.m. If the Thunder wants to match that kind of run, it has to get more from guys not named Durant and Westbrook. But, as I wrote right after the NBA Finals, they also have to PREPARE during the regular season to get more out of their role players. The Thunder needs to play all season like they want to play in the playoffs.
Blaine 11:31 a.m. Which starting lineup intrigues you more? The Warriors potentially with Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Love, Bogut (giving away Lee, Barnes, and a future 1st-rounder) OR the Bulls with Rose, Butler, Anthony, Gibson, Noah?
Jenni Carlson 11:32 a.m. I'm having a hard time with Melo in Chicago. Tom Thibbedeaux is such a defensive stickler, and Melo is such a scorer. Can that union work? Maybe. But I'm still trying to figure out how. ...
Jenni Carlson 11:33 a.m. The Warriors are probably more interesting just because they're in the West, they fired a coach who I thought had done a great job, and they now have a very interesting new coach. So, that's probably more interesting to me.
Jenni Carlson 11:33 a.m. OK, hate to cut this off, but I've got to run. Be sure to join Thunder beat writer Anthony Slater for tomorrow's Power Lunch. He'll have all sorts of Thunder knowledge to drop on you! Take care, and thanks!
by Jenni Carlson
Jenni Carlson, a sports columnist at The Oklahoman since 1999, came by her love of sports honestly. She grew up in a sports-loving family in Kansas. Her dad coached baseball and did color commentary on the radio for the high school football...
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