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Jewel Box Theatre produces a dinner party with disastrous results in 'Dilemmas with Dinner'

Jewel Box Theatre presents “Dilemmas with Dinner,” a farce by Robin Roberts.
BY ELIZABETH HURD Published: March 11, 2013

Much of the first act involves the setup and “Dilemmas with Dinner” really gets going in the second act when the boss and his wife arrive. Will is portrayed by James Tyra with a bit of deadpan humor that is insanely funny and Jackie Smola's Louise very nearly steals the show.

Don Taylor has done an excellent job of staging this production. The set is beautiful and the actors all make excellent use of their surroundings.

The first row of seating at the Jewel Box is a little too close for audience members to appreciate the panoramic nuances in the action. Just one level of elevation gives room to capture some of those great little moments these actors present. “Dilemmas with Dinner” is a perfect evening of comedy.

— Elizabeth Hurd