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Jewel Box wraps up 2010-11 season with delightful farce

The Jewel Box Theatre brings its 2010-11 season to a close with “Money Matters.”
BY ELIZABETH HURD Published: April 22, 2011

Randall Hunter plays Kendrick, the butler who has been with the Latimer family for many years. His character is the glue that holds the play together, and he seems ready for any curve that may be thrown to him and takes care of business without the slightest blink of the eye.

Hunter is able to convey an absolute understanding of the stupidity and desperation of his master's plight. He is the perfect butler and brings to mind P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves. The play's final scene seems weak, perhaps the result of some dialogue being cut.

If this is accidental, upcoming performances will be stronger as the dialogue indicating transitions is restored. Nevertheless, the actors are able to overcome slight confusion and bring everything back together for the end. The show is appropriate for most audiences, but the wiser generations will appreciate it the most.

— Elizabeth Hurd