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Jim Chastain

NORMAN — Last August, Jim Chastain went home after a doctor’s appointment and told his family he had cancer — again.
Tami Altoff, Staff Writer Modified: December 1, 2008 at 9:58 pm •  Published: June 29, 2008
p /> “I’m the primary money maker. We just bought a new house; it’s too big for my wife to run on a teacher’s salary. I’m feeling bad one-third of the time and my wife becomes a single parent. Then I feel better, but never good. There are lots of things we have to deal with. I allow myself a little time in the morning to be sad, then I put it away,” he said. “The weird thing about the whole deal is we have these really trying things to deal with, but I feel like I’ve already lived a great life.”

An attorney, Chastain is also an author, journalist and poet who often reflects on his situation in his writings. His book “I Survived Cancer But Never Won the Tour de France” has connected him with people from all over the world. He spends his time these days visiting with friends, having meaningful conversations and making memories with the people he loves.

“You get cancer, but life goes on. You still have to work, pay bills, deal with kids in high school and clean up dog (droppings) in the back yard,” he said. “Whether there’s some grand purpose or not, I feel like I’ve been placed in a position with my creativity, whether it’s a curse or a blessing, to tell people life is real.”

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