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Joan Rivers storms out of CNN interview, but was she genuinely upset? Published: July 8, 2014

Who knew Joan Rivers was so sensitive?

The 81-year-old star stormed out of a CNN interview over the holiday weekend after being criticized by the news anchor. This was, by the way, about a minute after Rivers defended her right to do what she does best as a comedian: Criticize people.

Hypocrisy aside, it’s hard to imagine Rivers, who has dealt with every kind of name calling and backlash over her decades-long career, would really get that angry about a relatively harmless interview. During the exchange, CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield called Rivers out for a) being mean on “Fashion Police”; b) suggested that perhaps joking about Casey Anthony’s dead child may have crossed line; and c) noted that Rivers, an animal rights activist, was just asking for controversy when she wore fur on the cover of her new book.

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