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Joe Biden gets flirty

Associated Press Published: April 13, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden turned on the charm at a campaign stop in New Hampshire yesterday, when he surprised some women at a bakery cafe yesterday.

The pool reporter watched Biden in action. "'I told him that I always wanted to meet him and he said ‘no woman has ever said that to me,’” the pool reporter quotes JoAnn Niedzielski as saying. "Niedzielski said Biden then gave her a hug."

And Biden's reaction to getting one kiss: “That’s what all women said to me," he joked. "It’s like at home." The quip was apropos of him kissing a friend and former Portsmouth, N.H. mayor Eileen Foley on the cheek, to which Foley replied "that's enough," because "she had to run," according to the pooler.

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