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John Rohde: Thunder now has momentum heading to Memphis for Game 3

BY JOHN ROHDE Published: May 4, 2011
ght do and could try. The difference between who wins and who loses, especially in the playoffs, is who executes better. This isn't Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. These are the best players (best athletes) in the world who aren't separated by much. It's about effort more than anything, not X's and O's.

On the Memphis crowd for Game 3:

Crazy, probably a little tipsy. 4 p.m. game in Memphis should be a great atmosphere. Don't ever remember seeing a bandwagon mentaility quite like this -- four sellouts the entire regular season and nothing but sellouts in the playoffs.

On the Thunder's draft needs:

Amazing how little the draft means for the Thunder, considering it was going nuts over the lottery for three years. I believe the Thunder picks No. 24. Shooting guard, I suppose, maybe a power forward. Don't see any rookie out there close to breaking into the Thunder's 10-man rotation, that's for sure.

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