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John Rohde: Thunder players looked like they were 'hit by a Mack truck' late in Game 4 loss

BY JOHN ROHDE Published: May 24, 2011

know Westbrook can find teammates. He has too many assists for that not to be true. But he needs to look for teammates even longer rather than wearing blinders while Durant is waving his arms for a wide-open 3 on the left wing -- which happened in the first half last night. Durant wasn't happy. The guy hasn't been open much against the Mavs, so you had best find him when he is.

On who's improved most for OKC in the playoffs:

[Kevin] Durant. Had a lousy playoff last season. Has answered the bell this year -- not every game, but most. After him, probably Collison, but that stems from simply having more opportunity. After him, Harden, but still needs to be more consistent.

On the biggest reason the Thunder struggles in late-game situations:

Lack of composure, which comes from lack of spacing, which comes from being too predictable. Mix it up in the closing sequences. I say run a last-second ally-oop down the baseline for Harden. If he misses the dunk, he'll draw a foul. Have a play to get Collison's guy to leave and double-team, then dump the ball into Collison, who no doubt will go up strong. Hit a cutting Sefolosha toward the basket. How about Serge Ibaka on a 17-footer off a back screen? Mix it up. Who cares who wins the game for you as long as you win it? Give it a shot.

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