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Judge Bill Grave's ruling on name change embarrassing and prejudicial

Published: September 22, 2012

Regarding “Sex-change candidates are denied new names” (News, Sept. 16): Aren't name changes a matter of record so the possibility of fraudulent use of a gender name change isn't applicable? Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves' decision is embarrassing, prejudicial and certainly not in keeping with separation of church and state. He didn't need to get scientific advice about the DNA — I could have told him that this wouldn't change with a new name.

Would he feel the same if a Karen Jones wanted to become Karen Littleflower, which might imply Native American heritage? What about anyone whose given name already doesn't reflect their gender? It must be difficult enough to find the courage to change one's gender; I can't imagine the added insult of not allowing someone to change his or her name to reflect a decision so personal.

Graves shouldn't try to impose his religious beliefs while on the bench. If he can't be impartial in matters of law, he should recuse himself from those decisions.

Patti Mellow, Oklahoma City