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Justin Blackmon will be tested before getting OK to play

BY GINA MIZELL, Staff Writer, Published: October 24, 2011

“There are a lot of people that have done a lot of research that have tried to gear it a little more toward sports, because in the old criteria, it was based on loss of consciousness and not loss of consciousness.”

Here is a breakdown of those tests.

Symptom checklist

The athlete will rank the severity of 16-18 symptoms on a scale of zero to six, with zero meaning no symptoms and six meaning severe symptoms. These include headache, sensitivity to light, confusion and disorientation, amnesia, irritability and balance issues

Time: One minute

2. BESS Test

This test checks the athlete's balance, both on solid ground and while standing on a rectangular piece of foam.

Time: Five minutes

3. SAC Test

This is a cognitive test that focuses on memory and recall.

Time: Five minutes

4. ImPACT Test

This is a computer-generated test that is similar to the SAC test. It uses shapes, colors, words and other elements to measure speed, errors and recall.

Time: 25-30 minutes