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Kasich boosts Romney by laying off divisive ideas

Associated Press Published: November 5, 2012

"That's Incumbency 101. You don't want to come out with anything new or startling," said Republican consultant Terry Casey. "You want to have everything buttoned down — and that includes a governor or a president. Obama's doing the same thing."

Meanwhile, the man Kasich beat two years ago — former Gov. Ted Strickland — has been a vocal and visible surrogate for Obama.

Strickland has been all over the national cable news shows talking up the president, toured southeast Ohio with Vice President Joe Biden and lost his voice after speaking at a string of rallies in the final days of the campaign.

A scratchy-throated Strickland warmed up the crowd at an Obama rally last Friday, saying that the former Massachusetts governor wasn't being truthful when he said he backed the auto industry.

"I've got a message for Governor Romney: Buckeyes aren't dumb," Strickland said in Lima. "We have figured this guy out."

Strickland has been the Obama campaign's attack dog at the president's rallies around Ohio. He has blasted Romney over his off-shore accounts and his earlier refusal to release all his tax returns, accusing the Republican of being secretive.