Keep assault weapons out of the hands of the insane and criminals

Published: August 3, 2012

In response to Scott Willis and Ola Thomas (Your Views, July 29): There's nothing illegal about “assault-style” weapons. Actually, assault weapons are illegal for most Americans to own without special licensing. A weapon that “looks” like an assault weapon isn't any more dangerous than the .22 semi-automatic rifle with which most people learn to shoot as youths or the rifles one might use for hunting. They operate the same way.

Who decides how much ammunition or how many guns are “enough” for someone else to own? How many rounds are “too many” and what does anyone else “need”? That's the mindset by which the government decided that nobody “needs” X dollars of income and then assumes the right to limit what one may keep.

There are legitimate uses for high-capacity magazines that have nothing to do with “killing lots of people in a short time.” It makes sense to try to keep weapons out of the hands of the insane or various criminals, but you can't do that by taking them away from everyone else or passing laws that make illegal those weapons that look like, but function differently than, those used by the military.

David A. Jared, Oklahoma City


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