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Ken 2.0: Lost days in front of the TV are over

Ken's weight decreases along with the amount of time he spends in front of the TV. The final season of "Lost” came out on DVD last week. Ken no longer dreams of marathon sessions of watching the show swaddled on the couch in a blanket with junk-food treats within arm's reach.

By Ken Raymond Published: August 29, 2010
I've been thinking about "Lost” this week — you know, that TV series about people trapped on a mysterious island after a plane crash.

My wife and I love that show, but I hate commercials, so from the start, we've put off watching each season until it's available on home video. The final season came out on DVD on Tuesday, and at my urging, my wife picked it up at Target.

In the past, I looked forward to marathon viewing sessions. I'd pile the coffee table with sweet and salty snacks, wrap up in a blanket and settle into a comfy chair. Thanks to the remote, the only times I'd have to get up would be to swap DVDs or use the bathroom. I'd watch one episode after another, racing toward each season's conclusion. Eight or 10 hours might pass.

That doesn't sound appealing to me anymore. At all. I want to watch the show, of course, but I don't want to sit there for countless hours, eating and drinking and getting fatter.

Lately I've been doing my TV viewing on the treadmill at home. I hook my computer up to the treadmill's speakers and watch streaming videos on Netflix while I alternate walking and jogging.

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Staff Writer Ken Raymond began a yearlong weight loss and fitness journey on April 1.

Here are his stats:

Age: 41 Height: About 6 feet 1 inch

Beginning weight: 307 pounds

Current weight: 273 pounds

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