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Ken 2.0: Lost days in front of the TV are over

Ken's weight decreases along with the amount of time he spends in front of the TV. The final season of "Lost” came out on DVD last week. Ken no longer dreams of marathon sessions of watching the show swaddled on the couch in a blanket with junk-food treats within arm's reach.

By Ken Raymond Published: August 29, 2010
nus the commercials, most hourlong TV shows translate to about 45 minutes, which is a good workout time for me.

When an episode ends, I go into my cool-down phase, walking at a slower pace for a few minutes.

It's a better way to watch TV, at least for me. I have something to focus on other than the treadmill's timer and calorie tracker, which I tend to stare at otherwise. It also limits my time in front of the TV. I'm not going to stay on the treadmill for eight or 10 hours at a pop (although if I did, I could probably crack walnuts with my thighs).

Exercise is paying dividends for me. My weight loss slowed for a couple of months, mainly because I wasn't exercising enough. Last week, I was more regimented about working out ... and I dropped 2 pounds. I'm down to 273.

So I've lost interest in "Lost” marathons. I'm not saying I won't watch a couple episodes on the couch, but I'm not going to sit there like a lump for hours on end.

That series is over.

Staff Writer Ken Raymond began a yearlong weight loss and fitness journey on April 1.

Here are his stats:

Age: 41 Height: About 6 feet 1 inch

Beginning weight: 307 pounds

Current weight: 273 pounds


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