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Ken 2.0: Week 15 ... If the pants don't fit ...

Ken has a pleasant pants problem: The ones that used to be tight are now too big, and he barely has any left that fit.
BY KEN RAYMOND Published: July 18, 2010

I started wearing my favorite khakis again a couple months ago. My wife says they look too huge on me now, although I haven't cast them aside yet.

The pants I wore at 307 are hanging on hooks in the closet. No way can I wear them anymore. As the pounds have dropped, my wardrobe has become more limited. I threw out my smaller pants a long time ago, and I'm running out of trousers.

I spent 15 minutes or so this morning going through my remaining dress slacks, trying to find some I could wear to work today.

No luck.

So I'm wearing these jeans, which are loose and comfy, and none of my bosses have said anything yet.

But I'm wondering what the heck I'm gonna wear tomorrow.

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