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Kevin Durant ESPN poll: 43 percent of US says 'slim chance' KD plays for Wizards Published: July 30, 2014

In a SportsNation poll, ESPN asked "What are the chances Kevin Durant plays for the Wizards during his prime?"

Forty-three percent say "slim chance," 33 percent said there's a "good chance," and 24 percent said "no chance." The Durant's future talk was ignited again on Tuesday when the Oklahoma City Thunder star was asked about his impending free agency in 2016.

Few states thought Durant stood a good chance. Those states included Maryland and Virginia (understandably so), Alaska, Alabama and Vermont.

Per Dan Steinberg's DC Sports Bog, "57 percent of Marylanders think there’s a good chance Durant comes home during his prime. The number is 51 percent in Virginia. No other state is above 41 percent."

An early SportsNation TV poll of "Should Thunder fans be worried about Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City?" drew a 73 percent "Yes," 27 percent "No."

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