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Kevin Durant faces the music after poor shooting night

By John Rohde, Staff Writer, Modified: January 18, 2011 at 10:29 pm •  Published: January 18, 2011

Some athletes cut an interview short when they hear a question they don't like or have heard the same query one too many times. Instead, Durant answered questions — multiple times.

Durant: “We got some good looks.”

Durant: “We got some good looks. I just missed 'em.”

Durant: “I got great looks, like I just said. Some went in, some didn't. It is what it is, man. It's going to happen like that some nights.”

Durant gave it another try, becoming more emphatic in hopes somebody finally would believe him.

“I missed 'em,” Durant said. “We got some good looks. I'd be honest with you. If they were playing great defense, I'd be able to tell you. I got the ball where I wanted to get it, it just didn't go down for me. It happens like that. Just have to keep my head up, keep being positive, go forward.”

As Durant's voiced tailed off, his punch line came in a whisper that was followed by a quiet laugh: “Of course, everybody's going to say I got shut down.”

Durant recently has been asked about his hot streak shooting the ball, a string of 13 games and 55.2-percent shooting capped by a 13-for-17 performance last Thursday against Orlando.

Not only was Durant hitting shots from all angles, he wasn't hitting much iron while doing so, wearing out nets everywhere he went.

Durant gave modest acknowledgments of his shooting prowess and said he would continue to hone his craft with hard work, arriving early, staying late and staying humble.

In the same breath, Durant also acknowledged you never know when the shots might stop falling.

Monday was such a time. Will the touch return Wednesday night in Denver?