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LahomaPalooza draws people named Lahoma to Oklahoma

The first LahomaPalooza, on July 20, featured pony rides, helicopter rides, a parade, fireworks, children's face painting and vendors along Main Street selling such items as handmade quilts and fresh-squeezed lemonade.
BY NASREEN IQBAL Published: July 29, 2013

According to town legend, a young American Indian girl named Lahoma was accidentally run over by a wagon wheel while traveling to designated Indian Territory. Feeling the need to acknowledge the girl, the townspeople buried her under a tree and named their town after her.

McMillion said she stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in Enid.

“It was amazing. It was all good — the food, the service the people. I've never seen the kind of hospitality I saw from the people in Lahoma,” she said.

Sharp said showing outsiders the kindness of her townspeople was one of her goals.

“It's not hard to do. This town is generally safe, the people are kind, everybody knows everybody,” she said. “My hope was that people of New Mexico, Texas, California, people from these places so far away, would see our town and take a little bit of Oklahoma back with them when they left.”

Sharp said she and Lahoma Police Chief Lloyd Cross organized the event together.

The town provided the Lahomas with free dinner and T-shirts.

Cross put on a fireworks show and the Lahomas were given paper lanterns to light and make a wish on.

Sharp said vendors were charged a small registration fee to encourage their attendance and help pay event expenses.

“I'm not sure if we broke even,” Sharp said. “But that's typical with these sorts of things in the first year, and it was worth it.”

Sharp thinks next year's event will be on a larger scale.

“We had two months to get the word out about this. But we are already planning for next year so I think it's going to be huge,” she said.

Next year's LahomaPalooza will be on July 19. To register or to learn more, email Sharp at