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Land sales for Sept. 29

Published: September 29, 2012

Dale A. and Sharon K. Luton from SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC, 700 Hollowdale, Edmond, $354,000.

Ronald A. and Krystal M. Herrera from Mary Susan Savage, 224 NW 33, $345,000.

Nathan G. Holland from Richmond Signature Homes, 17401 Parkgrove Drive, Edmond, $342,000.

Charles E. and Janet L. Morrow from Melinda M. Burton and Diana L. Roberts, 2908 Willow Branch Road, $340,000.

Michael and Allison Ratliff from Manchester Green Homes LLC, 1428 NW 188, $334,000.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. from Michael P. and Mari F. Collins, 241 NW 34, $328,000.

Ryan S. Tawwater from Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 241 NW 34, $328,000.

Patricia A. Knarr from Grace Construction Inc., 3025 Trailhead Drive, Edmond, $327,000.

Studio 120 LLC from City National Bank, 511 NW 29, $325,000.

Christopher S. and Krista K. Lusey from Tommy Huelskamp LLC, 4632 Silver Charm Lane, Edmond, $325,000.

HPC Investments LLC from Third Street Church of God, property near the northeast corner E Britton Road and Broadway Extension, $315,500.

Gary and Jennifer Mornhinweg from Dustin S. and Paige A. Tedesco, 18400 Autumn Sage Drive, Edmond, $307,500.

Byju Sudaharan from Jeffry W. and Kayla D. Blount, 20987 Highlander Ridge, Edmond, $301,500.

$299,999 to $200,000

Michael T. and Donna G. Darnold from Michael D. Carr, 4701 NW 153 Terrace, $295,000.

James M. and Megan B. Tilly from Tra C. Pippin, 1811 NW 19, $290,000.

Stuart D. and Lauralisa Swanson from Shawn Forth Inc., 16101 James Thomas Court, Edmond, $283,000.

Gilbert O. and Lidia J. Sanders from SWM & Sons Inc., 2604 Forest Oak Drive, Midwest City, 276,000.

Yann Danis from Sun Properties LLC, 1416 NW 172, $275,000.

Manuel H. Larios from Trent and Lisa Howard, trustees under the Trent & Lisa Howard Revocable Trust, 3117 Viewmont Court, Edmond, $273,000.

Doris K. Cupp from Randell P. and Deborah Kay Fisher, 11500 Brockton Place, $270,000.

Jay T. Luttrell from Jeffrey and Abby Tresner, 1425 Glen Cove Drive, Edmond, $270,000.

Jerald Michael and Brenda Lee Prescott from McCaleb Homes Inc., 800 Blue Oak Way, Edmond, $269,000.

Joy M. Howard from Shawn Forth Inc., 18216 Bridlington Drive, $262,500.

John Michael and Shannon Michelle Tyler from Michael and Brenda G. Wolf, 10140 SE 57, $260,000.

Cindy Janye and Terry Phillip Gibson from Cynthia Creekmore Pipkin, successor co-trustee of the Betty Martin Creekmore Revocable Trust, 12108 Quail Creek Road, $260,000.

Collin J. and Shane E. McKinley from McGregor Homes LLC, 724 Road Not Taken, Edmond, $258,000.

Chad Dustin and Carrie Jo True from Dorothy C. Jones, 2744 NW 19, $250,000.

Tanner S. and Julie D. Maune from LeBlanc Investments LLC, 15221 Western Vista, Edmond, $250,000.

James and Natasha Bennett from Alexander D. and Barbara H. Paularikas, 1237 Westchester Drive, $246,000.

Andrew R. and Cathrine Lemmon from Treasure Built Homes Inc., 7916 Jesse Trail, $245,000.

Steven and Karla Boone from Lester O. Kenner Revocable Trust and Carole A. Kenner, trustee of the Carole A. Kenner Revocable Trust, 708 Capri Place, Edmond, $242,500.

Benjamin P. and Jacaqueline K. Hobday from Richard A. and Kathleen Lott, 2909 Ash Grove Road, Edmond, $235,000.

Jessica Nicole Welch from Benjamin D. and Wendy S. Grunewald, 8508 NW 114 Street, $233,000.

Hung Dinh and Anne Le from Peter M. and Keiko A. Girillo, 15805 Harts Mill Road, Edmond, $232,000.

Kyle James and Valerie Christine Johnson from Doyle W. and Jennifer O'Hagan, 13889 E Reno Ave., $230,000.

Stacey G. and Ronna L. Bauman from Jeffrey P. and Kerri D. Due, 804 Rock Hollow Road, Edmond, $229,000.

Jonathan C. Cross from Chelsey L. Walstad and Russell Raley, 2532 NW 59, $228,000.

Angela Ranelle Nix from Towne East Homes LLC, 13124 Chinkapin Oak Place, Midwest City, $227,500.

Koby W. Orndorff from Michael J. and Mary K. Moran, 1100 Marlboro Lane, $227,000.

Phillip A. and Toby B. Walker from RaeLynn Herron, 1214 W Wilshire Blvd., $225,000.

Kenneth and Patricia Berry from Deutsche Bank Trust Co., 4117 NW 146, $225,000.

Charles M. Roberts from Fannie Mae, 16321 Bravado Place, Edmond, $217,000.

Saad Shariff from D.R. Horton-Texas Ltd. LP, 19417 Candleberry Drive, $217,000.

Leo and Pauletta Kingston from Lisa Ann and David Gibbon, 12805 Plum Hollow, $215,000.

Leonard D. and Bonnie Hall from Jay H. Kriegel and Herbert G. Kriegel, trustees of the Kriegel Living Trust, 15504 Traditions Blvd., Edmond, $210,000.

Michael B. and Laci R. Brown from Quality Designed Homes LLC, 6413 Bent Wood Drive, $205,000.