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Published: December 22, 2012

Christopher and Bethany Schwarz from Howard S. and Kathryn P. Hawkins, 4905 Jessie James Drive, Edmond, $325,000.

William L. Conn from Carder & Sharpe Inc., 2117 Brayhill Court, Edmond, $322,000.

Laurie A. and Tommy J. Weathers from Methvin Properties Inc., 5808 Hardwick Lane, Edmond, $318,500.

The Margaret A. Burnett Living Trust from Grace Construction Inc., 3033 Trailhead Drive, Edmond, $318,000.

Southern Realty Holdings LLC from Windsor Hills Baptist Church, property located near the northwest corner of NW 36 Street and Rockwell Avenue, $310,000.

Robert F. and Christine A. Neibling from Ralph G. and Mary Lou H. Suniga, 12832 Glen Eagle Drive, Midwest City, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

Michael David and Darcie Jean Atchley from Jeanette Padgett, 2924 Ashecroft Drive, Edmond, $286,000.

Bruce M. and Dawn J. Faulkenberry from Tommy Huelskamp LLC, 4625 Monarchos Drive, Edmond, $280,000.

James Daniels III from Robert J. Hoeritz Jr. and Elizabeth E. Vincent-Hoeritz, 4232 NW 144 Street, $280,000.

Anthony and Shannon Whaley from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18600 Mesa Road, Edmond, $278,500.

FG Investments LLC from Beacon Homes II LLC, 16009 Evan Shaw, Edmond, $272,500.

Michael D. Zabrocki from Oxford Homes LLC, 6013 NW 156 Street, $271,500.

Bill K. and Mary Sue Brewster from Gilbert D. and Janet L. Barton and Darren J. and Nicole B. Adams, 3500 Lytal Lane, Edmond, $265,000.

Karl and Kasey Wasserleben from Casey R. and Michael Thompson, 20492 SE 15 Street, Harrah, $260,000.

Shawn P. Lockhart from Bob Jones Homes Inc., 2599 Forest Crossing Drive, Midwest City, $258,000.

Brett and Jennifer Marchbanks from Cody D. and Piper A. Bridwell, 2712 NW 55 Terrace, $257,000.

Sherry R. Werth from Don Fryer Homes LLC, 2517 San Marco Lane, Edmond, $254,500.

Donald E. III and Robyn E. Waggoner from Brian P. and Allison L. Dalke, 1805 Lancaster Circle, Edmond, $252,000.

David C. and Rebekah E. Cavazos from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 6401 Cedar Creek, Jones, $250,000.

Sherry L. and Gene W. Roles from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 2313 NW 180 Street, Edmond, $250,000.

Patrick S. and Rachel K. Patterson from First Star Homes Inc., 17708 Silverhawk Way, Edmond, $248,000.

Gabriel and Jeanelle Taylor from Shawn Forth Custom Homes Inc., 18409 Haslemere Lane, Edmond, $247,000.

Jimmy D. and Cindy Patterson from Brian and Cindy Cook, 2408 NW 174 Street, Edmond, $245,000.

DJS LLC from DST Properties LLC, 6206 Waterford Blvd., Unit 47, $240,000.

Charles L. Jr. and Dorothy J. Miller from Cory V. and Amy J. Bruce, 15175 Scottsdale Crossing, Choctaw, $235,000.

David Alan and Annetta Gay Cagle from Vandenbos LLC, 4805 Millstone Drive, $235,000.

Benjamin Przywojski from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18258 Las Meninas Drive, Edmond, $233,500.

Glen R. and Tracy R. Shahan from William Jr. and Andrea Davey, 7421 NW 129 Street, $225,000.

John E. III and Ramona L. Wolf from Cyndye and Edward Porter, 8816 NW 121 Street, $222,500.

Mason T. Lam from Timbercraft Homes LLC, 17309 Ridgewood Drive, $222,500.

Thomas L. and Melissa S. Briggs from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18428 Las Meninas Drive, Edmond, $221,500.

Joshua and Melanie Dunham from Chad B. and Jamie L. Limberg, 18200 Bodegon Road, $221,000.

Michael B. Dattolo from Sarah Jane Julian, trustee of the Sarah Julian Living Trust, 612 NW 193 Street, Edmond, $216,000.

Martin and Susan E. Hernandez from Barton T. and Gena R. Sego, 713 N Creek Drive, Edmond, $215,000.

John T. and Martha Anne Oakes from The Ronald W. Atchley Trust, 1828 Oakes Way, $212,500.

Greg T. Beelman and Carol R. Kahn from Home Sweet Homes LLC, 5809 Creekmore Drive, $210,500.

Marilee M. Dose from Charles M. and Carla Jan McIntyre, 2320 NW 45 Place, $205,000.

Southern Realty Holdings LLC from James A. and Jo Ann Vineyard, 3815 N Divis, Bethany, $205,000.

MorEquity Inc. from Bill Avery, 7416 NW 131 Street, $204,000.

Zonia Armstron from William H. and Nancy M. Craig, trustees of The William and Nancy Craig Family Trust, 12500 Saint Andrews Drive, Unit 21, $204,000.