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Published: April 6, 2013

Wayne R. and Tambren A. Ghoram from SWM & Son Inc., 10408 SE 12 St., Midwest City, $305,000.

Melinda Lou Slater from John Callahan, 6009 NW 155 St., $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

Becky and Keith Robinson from William G. III and Lorraine E. McCandless, 732 Fox Tail Dr., Edmond, $299,500.

Eric W. Carlin from Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC, 1324 NW 193 St., Edmond, $290,500.

Bryan Duke from Kerri L. Newcomb, 2109 NW 61 St., $283,000.

Melissa M. Wilson from D.R. Horton-Texas Ltd. LP, 6013 NW 162 St., Edmond, $282,500.

Ronald D. Barnes and Artefio Cartagena from Letitia A. and Mark Zitzow, 4229 NW 144 Street, $280,000.

Bayley M. Burns and Daniel M. Welch from Biju and Beksy Kurian, 1712 Chickasha Circle, Edmond, $280,000.

Jami LaJoy Flow from 4 Corners Construction LLC, 22422 Flying Hawk Trail, Luther, $275, 000.

Yassine Zouaoui from Ameed Abuafeefeh, 700 N Council Rd., $270,000.

Kelley and Kristen Harris from Lofty Living LLC, 2420 Vance Dr., Edmond, $270,000.

Christopher K. and Pamela G. Amheiser from 2 K Country Homes LLC, 8600 Bella Circle, $270,000.

Jordan Greene from Taber Built Homes LLC, 5000 Arbuckle Dr., Edmond, $267,000.

Colby Wayne Pyle from Jason David and Melinda Kristi Hooks, 3021 NW 191 Terrace, Edmond, $263,000.

Andrew T. and Michelle K. Cook from Peter A. and Janet R. Tucker, trustees of the Tucker Family Revocable Trust, 13124 Callie Dr., $262,500.

Letitia A. Zitzow from Alvand LLC, 15716 Hatterly Lane, $257,500.

Jared C. and Andrea L. McCoy from Patricia S. Allen, trustee of the Patricia S. Allen Trust, 1609 NW 182 St., Edmond, $255,500.

Traci D. and Christopher T. Keel from National Residential Nominee Services Inc., 20801 Booker Ave., Newalla, $255,000.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. from Jason Lin and Emily Beth Cope, 20801 Booker Ave., Newalla, $255,000.

Larry C. and Lora B. Cooper from Jerry E. Spencer, 221 SW 83 St., $250,000.

BMW Investments LLC from Oklahoma Restaurant Association, property located near the northeast corner of NW 36 Street and N Portland Avenue, $250,000.

James L. McDaniel Jr. from Russell C. Hinckley III, trustee of the Russell C. Hinckley III Revocable Trust and Phyllis L. Hinckley, trustee of the Phyllis L. Hinckley Trust, 1832 Redland Dr., Edmond, $250,000.

Lindsey A. and Santiago L. Gallegos from Larry and Lora Cooper, 8248 S Harvey Ave., $249,500.

Christopher Scott Reser from Dodson Custom Homes 1 LLC, 3120 NW 181 Terrace, Edmond, $249,000.

Douglas L. and Cherle E. Shawhan from J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 5620 NW 119 Circle, $248,500.

Steven Mark and Beverly Nelson from HBT JYC LLC, 8608 SW 58 Circle, $246,000.

Tom and Karen R. Quinlin from Charles Brigham and Allyn Wilson, 6707 Applewood Dr., Edmond, $245,000.

Jeffrey Todd and Sally Lane Kernke from Anthony A. and Sarah Pate, 6117 NW 162 St., Edmond, $244,000.

Spanish View Apartments LLC from JRP Properties LLC, 7501 S Sherwood, Units 10, 26, 28, 30, 34, 38 and 42, $242,500.

Steve S. and Kim A. Rice from Richard H. and Janice Swink, 4522 Wagonwheel Rd., Edmond, $240,000.

Jeffery S. Athey from Treasure Built Homes Inc., 14309 SE 75 St., $240,000.

Johannah Noerdinger from Shelly and Kelly Smith, 3316 NW 22 St., $237,000.

Esli Cayetano Holguin from D.R. Horton-Texas Ltd. LP, 15512 Blue Jay Dr., $230,000.

Jack Randall VanEgmond from Donna F. and Malcolm Roberts, trustees of the Donna F. Roberts Revocable Trust, 25 S Trail Ridge, Edmond, $228,000.

Marek and Casey Cornett from Shawn P. and Susan A. Miller, 525 NW 34 St., $226,000.

Taylor J. Broussard and Kaelie Foudeh from Cartus Financial Corporation, 9819 Prosper Dr., $225,000.

Suzanne Givens, trustee of The Suzanne Givens Trust from Roseanna M. Eller, 15608 Traditions Blvd., Edmond, $222,500.

Michael Lee Lance Jr. from Bradley E. Taylor, 6401 Bentley Dr., $221,000.

Phoebe L. Brown from Adam N. Zuhdi and Mary Elizabeth Elliott, 2412 Sorrento Dr., $216,500.

Geron D. and Lorrie L. Cottam from Louis J. and Andrea L. Baratta, 6617 Stinchcomb, $216,000.

Jeremiah and Jennifer Kolbensvik from Bryan M. and Jodi A. Stack, 1688 Red Fox Rd., Edmond, $215,000.

Tia M. and Christopher E. Fritz from Mark E. and Cindy M. Hoffmann, 808 New Bond Circle, Edmond, $211,000.

Brandon D. and Devyn V. Smith from Cynthia Louise Holman and Roger Harms, 2328 Yorkshire Dr., Edmond, $210,000.

Spanish View Apartments LLC from Dynamic Concepts LLC, 2720 SW 74 St., Units 8, 16, 24, 32, 34 and 36, $208,000.

Darryl D. and Sherry K. Darty from John S. and Stephanie A. Steen, 7309 NW 114 St., $205,000.

Reuben S. and Tana Thomas from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 16112 Rim Rd., Edmond, $205,000.

Steven Stark from Steven Ray and Crystal LuGrand, 11005 Maple Grove, $201,500.