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Landry Jones has to admit that the Belldozer gets the ball in the end zone

The Sooners' starting quarterback does a lot of dirty work getting the offense in the red zone, but backup Blake Bell is the guy scoring touchdowns.
by Jenni Carlson Published: October 15, 2012

Truth be told, this team is lucky the Belldozer worked so smashingly.

By the way, don't let the cutesy name fool you. Just because it's called the Belldozer doesn't mean it's a gimmick.

This is OU's red-zone offense.


Honestly, from the look of things Saturday vs. Texas, it might be growing into more than that. Bell was used in some non-red-zone situations, and it worked quite well.

Bob Stoops has shown time and again that he values the whole over the individual, pulling guys from redshirt late in the season or moving players to different sides of the ball. Those aren't always popular decisions, and when Stoops went looking for a solution to his team's red-zone woes, he had to know that the Belldozer wouldn't sit well with Jones. Quarterbacks, especially ones who have won as much as Jones has, don't get yanked from games when the end zone is in sight. And if they do, well, then, we all start wondering about their psyche.

This is one of the oddities of football. Think about it — players on both sides of the ball get subbed for all the time. Different situations suit different guys better than others.

No one ever asks Kenny Stills what he thinks about not being on the field for certain packages. No one ever questions Casey Walker if he's OK with someone else playing in specific situations.

Quarterback is different from any other position, of course. It's one guy. All the time. No exceptions.

Except that the Sooners made an exception.

And Landry had better get used to it.

An offense that used to struggle in the red zone is now one of the surest things in college football. Opponents have yet to figure out how to stop the Belldozer. Even though they've had months to study and scheme against it, it is still working splendidly. If anything, it's been more effective this season than it was last season.

For Jones, maybe all of that is sinking in.

“That's our short-yardage package,” he said of the Belldozer, “and that's what we're going to use down there.”

The Belldozer might irk Jones, but it doesn't really matter.

The way the Belldozer is producing, he's going to have to accept it.

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