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Lawton cares about education

Published: October 2, 2013

Permit me to share some news causing me great pride in my old high school — an action that others might want to adopt in furtherance of education.

Lawton Public Schools has three high schools, the first and original from which I graduated, and two newer ones. Each spring, seniors are selected for various awards and scholarships. Each year for about the past 20-plus years, the amount of these awards at each high school has been between $4 million and $5 million-plus, totaling an estimated $15 million for the entire city each year.

These awards, scholarships and grants consist of individuals, businesses, clubs, colleges and other civic-minded groups. They assist with the furtherance of a student's college education and provide incentives. Reviewing the awards for this year, I couldn't find one federal or state donation, other than certain state colleges, among the contributors. Parents, cities and high schools might take heed.

John R. McKee, Oklahoma City