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Employee development is best way to show appreciation
BY PAULA BURKES Published: December 15, 2013

Q&A with Chad Richison, founder and chief executive of Paycom

Q. How do you keep employees in the loop?

A. We believe open and consistent communication is key to empowering our employees to do the best job possible. Ultimately, that's what everyone wants. I meet with my leadership team every week to ensure they all know what's going on throughout the organization. It's a collaborative meeting where ideas are shared and achievements are measured. Every department leader listens to everyone else's weekly results, proactive concerns and visions for the following week. They then share relevant information throughout the organization. In addition to providing regular business communication, we spend a great deal of time helping our workforce understand exactly how they can impact their own success, both professionally and personally.

Q. How do you listen to employees?

A. We begin by checking our egos at the door and that includes everyone within our organization. We walk the floor and engage in conversation. It's a great way to get suggestions for improving business, our workplace and ensuring we are doing everything we can to make a positive impact on our customers and on our personnel. We've made it our goal to create an environment where every employee feels valued, and part of making that happen is listening to their opinions and suggestions.  

Q. How do you appreciate employees?

A. We show employees how much we appreciate them by investing in them. It is important that we give them command of their career success and celebrate their successes. We express our appreciation through awards, compensation increases, company luncheons, parties, celebrations and fun days. All of these initiatives are extremely important to our company's culture.  In addition to the events and awards, I believe employees feel most appreciated when we take an active interest in helping them achieve their career goals. All the free lunches and parties in the world can't help a staff member who isn't trained, empowered and engaged. We want to develop and keep our best and brightest people. We do nothing by accident and purposely involve ourselves in the development of our personnel because we care about their future. 


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